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5 Benefits of a Gas Deep Fryer

A deep fryer is a kitchen appliance used for frying food. While deep fryers are commonly used in commercial kitchens, they are also available for home use. Deep fryers typically have a basket to lower food into the oil and a lid to prevent splattering and they come in gas and electric models.

Most deep fryers use vegetable oil, but some use peanut oil or other types of oils. The type of oil you use is up to you, but it should have a high smoke point so it doesn’t break down and start smoking during the cooking process.


Gas Deep Fryer

An electric deep dryer can be effective for home use or in kitchens where limited frying is done. However, if you are in the fast food industry and constantly making french fries, onion rings and delicious meats, we do recommend the gas model.

So you are thinking about getting a deep fryer for your commercial kitchen, but not sure why the a gas deep fryer is a better option. Here are some  benefits that make the gas deep fryer a better choice than electric deep fryers.

1. They heat up quickly.

Quick heating time is especially important if you are frying during busy periods of generally have a business with amazing food and long lines of customers waiting. You don’t want to be wasting time  for the oil to heat up. You don’t want customers irritated by long wait times. A commercial gas deep frier will meet your high demands.

2. They are very efficient.

Gas deep fryers are powered by natural gas or propane, which makes them more energy-efficient than electric deep fryers. They also tend to heat up faster than electric deep fryers, so they use less energy than electric models and they will save you money on your energy bills.

3. They offer better temperature control.

This means that your food will be cooked more evenly, resulting in better-tasting food. With its thermostatic control and safety protection system in the event of an internal failure, the gas will shut off.

4. They are easier to clean.

Most gas deep fryers have removable parts that can be washed in the dishwasher. This makes the cleaning process much easier than it is with electric deep fryers. With the electrical deep fryers, cleaning is a hassle when trying not to get the electric parts wet, this can be dangerous and can damage your equipment or even cause a fire.

5. They are more durable.

Gas deep fryers are built to last longer than electric deep fryers. This is because they don’t have any electrical components that can break down over time.

If you are looking for a deep fryer for your commercial kitchen, then a gas deep fryer is the way to go. They offer many benefits that make them a better choice than electric deep fryers. With their quick heating times, energy efficiency, better temperature control, and easy cleanup, gas deep fryers will help you serve your customers better.

Some of the most common fried foods include:

Chicken, fish, french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, shrimps, plantains and so much more.

Your Equipment Suppliers offer gas deep fryers in a single basket which has a maximum capacity of 18 liters or a double basket which has a maximum capacity of 36 liters (18×2).

All equipment purchased at Your Equipment Suppliers is backed by a warranty that spans from 3 months to 1 year based on the type of equipment purchased. There are various training options available for customers and because we understand cash flow with your current business or starting a new business can be costly, finance options are available.


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