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How To Understand Your Brand Image – Branding 101

How To Understand Your Brand Image - Branding 101

What is your Brand Image?

There is so much talk going around about branding your image, yet what precisely is your image and how would you utilize it? How can it help you contact more individuals and market your products or services? 

Your brand image is the center of your advertising, the focal topic around your product and services. It’s basically the impression of your brand held by your clients and potential clients. Every person can perceive your brand’s image differently so your formation needs to be consistent across all channels. Your brand image isn’t your logo or your company name; except if obviously you are Apple or Google online search engine. It’s a translation of your products, your customer service, your mission and your vision.  For eg. Coca-Cola is known for its enjoyment in happy times and it’s unique taste.  Another example would be Bhagwansingh’s, known in Trinidad for anything in the hardware division. 

For individuals to even want to purchase from you, and in large numbers even; your brand image should be perfectly clear, alluring and incredible. In addition, your image should be adequately amazing to awaken your clients right into it, and simultaneously it needs to effectively communicate what you’re about and your uniqueness. Let’s use Sunshine Snacks as an e.g. they have spent the last two years rebranding their image to fit a more healthier lifestyle.  Instead of seeing ‘Corn Curls’ and ‘Cheeze’ adverts, we are seeing more and more healthier snacks becoming the image of Sunshine Snacks.  They understand the market is changing to encourage highlighting healthier trends, so they did the same with their image. 

When you’ve determined your image, you additionally acquire an unmistakable and simple method of conversing with individuals about what you do. In any case it makes it such a great deal simpler to do your promotion when you have it clear in your psyche what it is you’re selling.

At the point when you’re creating your brand image you are making a critical promoting message that will motivate individuals to make the move and pick you over your competition. 

Coco-cola tin

Here are five valuable tips to help you discover your image: 

Your Brand Image Tip #1 

Your image is the center of what you do. What sentiments or feelings does your business arouse in you and in your clients? Do you realize that people or groups’ choice to purchase, depends on feelings, not realities? 

Your Brand Image Tip #2 

Study how you would introduce yourself, on your website as well as when individuals see you in person. Think about how you would converse on the telephone, or write your emails. Is your brand image saying what you need it to? Are individuals getting confusing messages from you, or is it clear from the beginning what you do? 

Your Brand Image Tip #3 

Think like your possible client, attempt to get inside their head and see your products according to their perspective. How would they encounter what you do, and how can it cause them to feel? Emotions play a major role in consumer buying. Studies show that once a consumer has a positive emotion toward your brand, you stand a much greater chance to build on consumer loyalty rather than trust and other judgments, which are based on a brand’s products.

Your Brand Image Tip #4 

What makes you stand apart from the group? Assuming you don’t already figure you stand out, you need to think about a way that you can. How do you make yourself more appealing than your competition? Do you offer specialized services in addition to your product. Many companies have adapted planting trees, or free recycling as their way of standing out and also being an environmentally friendly company gives you additional leverage to stand out.

Your Brand Tip #5 

What are your best capacities, do you know your most noteworthy qualities? Pick an impartial individual, who knows you well, to assist you with choosing what your top attributes are; your image ought to be based around your extraordinary qualities and capacities. 


Eventually, making a solid, critical, convincing and significant brand image is fundamental for effectively promoting your products. The significance of your brand image defines the future of your brand. Your brand image is what your customers will return, and share with their friends and family. Mastering your image takes time, and should be done before the launch of your business. Your branding image should also be included in your business plan This is something that investors want to see to help visualize the nature of their potential investment. 

As we see many new small businesses emerging as a result of the pandemic  and economical changes here in Trinidad; it’s vital that every new brand comprehends the necessity of their brand image.  We hope these few tips and video below can guide you to understanding your brand image better. 


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