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5 Secrets of Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft Serve


When we think about a soft serve ice cream machine, one thing that comes to mind is delicious swirls of flavor on a cone. But did you know that speed and convenience of making one of the world’s favorite dessert is something to consider? You have the option of putting up an ice cream shop or adding the ice cream machine to an existing business to expand your product offering. So, what are the benefits of owning one?

soft serve ice cream machine

Easy setup

A soft serve ice cream machine requires three things:

  1. Water
  2. Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix
  3. About 10 minutes depending on the model of the machine you buy.

Mixing water with the soft serve mix and adding it to the machine is as simple as it gets. Turn the soft serve machine on and wait a few minutes and voilà, you have creamy, rich ice cream oozing from the tap of the machine.

Whether you own a restaurant, convenience store, or food truck, you want to offer your customers as many options as possible without overspending on your budget. One of the best options is soft serve ice cream, this universal dessert appeals to all ages. These machines are versatile, affordable, and add a new element to your business.

soft serve ice cream

Impulse Purchasing

While there are planned ice-cream trips to celebrate victories or spend quality time, there is also a high chance of impulse buying with ice cream. A customer may walk into a convenience store to buy one product, but seeing the machine, signage, or another customer happily walking out with ice cream triggers a desire to also buy ice cream. It’s pretty much like the candy and gum at the grocery store that is strategically placed near the cash register, we usually don’t go for it, but we buy it when we see it.


Expands your customer base

Attracting new customers is crucial for any business to not only grow but to have a constant flow of foot traffic. A soft serve ice cream machine adds that unique element to the menu that attracts new customers into your store. Customers love having options when it comes to making a purchase, and a soft-serve ice cream machine may be the ideal product to lure new customers with new dessert options.


Differential factor

A soft serve ice cream machine separates you from the competition. Think about it, you live in a neighborhood with two competing restaurants. Both serve the same type of food that is equally good, both have excellent customer service, same price point, and same proximity, but one serves ice cream and the other one does not. You are going to have brunch with your family not only for a meal but as a bonding experience. Which restaurant will you go? Chances, you would unconsciously go to the restaurant with the ice cream machine for you and your kids to have a treat after your meal.

Cleaning and sanitation

One important factor when owning a soft serve ice cream machine is cleaning and sanitation. The machines have to get cleaned at the end of each day. The person cleaning must sanitize their hand and cleaning equipment. Place key parts of the machine in water with a cleansing agent, then pour water through the machine and drain until it is no longer milky.

Your Equipment Suppliers offers several soft-serve ice cream machine options to best suit your needs. In addition, training on cleaning the machine is available. Technical support and warranty are things that you do not have to worry about shopping at Your Equipment Suppliers. Need to talk to one of our team members? Our team is excited to assist however we can.


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