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Krymac 80m Automatic Small Vacuum Sealer with Scale


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The KRYMAC 80M vacuum sealing machine can significantly reduce contact your food has with air thereby maintaining its freshness longer. Sealed-bag packaging can also save you more space in the refrigerator, allowing for better storage management. With all your ingredients fresh, your meals will always be top of the line.

Save your time and money with the KRYMAC 80M!

We have two different types of sealers – automatic and manual


Semi automatic model

  • Put the open end of the bag into the vacuum chamber
  • Press the lid to lock it
  • Press function button (VAC SEAL)
  • Press unlock button to open the lid

Fully automatic

  • Put the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber
  • N/A
  • Press function button (VAC SEAL)
  • It will  unlock and open automatically
Automatic Small Vacuum Sealer 

Our Unique Advantages
1.  Fully automatic vacuum sealer –  one touch does it all
2.  Complete with a built in kitchen scale.
3.  Non consumable silicon sealing gasket: extended life test to at least 10,000 times from 3,000 times. Which simply means that this machine life span is is 3-4 times longer than those using foam sealing gasket.
4.  NTC overheating protection. (Will stop working if monitoring temperature is high, and will resume working when temperature comes down)
5.  Seals up to 12 inches width bags and rolls
6.  Adjustable vacuum pressure controls
7.  Suitable for dry/moist food. It has modes to differentiate
8. Maximum vacuum pressure: -80Kpa
9.  Vacuum rate: 8L/min
10. Quick seal.
11.  3mm sealing width to avoid splitting during boiling and sous vide cooking
12.  Instant seal function prevents crushing delicate foods
13.  Built-in bag cutter
14.  Works with canister and wine stopper.

*** Please note that the starter pack may vary in bag/roll quantity

We Can Customize!!

Do you want you machine to be

More customizations available. Please contact us for options and prices

  • Shorter
  • Taller
  • Special Motor
  • Additional Compartments
  • Less Compartments
  • Branded

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