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Commercial Bullet Ice Machine


  • TTD: $ 6,367.68 - $ 16,727.04

Experience instant ice gratification with our Bullet Ice Maker. Enjoy compact and efficient ice-making for chilled beverages. Operate with ease using user-friendly controls. Trust in the convenience of our high-quality ice maker to keep you always ready for cool refreshments.

Unleash Cool Refreshment with our Bullet Ice Maker

Experience instant ice gratification with our Bullet Ice Maker. Enjoy compact and efficient ice making for chilled beverages. Operate with ease using user-friendly controls.

Instant Ice Gratification

Introducing our Bullet Ice Maker, your gateway to instant and refreshing ice. Whether you’re hosting a party, running a bar, or manufacturing, our ice maker delivers perfectly shaped bullet ice cubes that cool your beverages quickly. Experience the convenience of having a steady supply of ice at your fingertips. Protection and energy saving – equipped with a powerful compressor to cool, it will be a mighty addition to your bar or under counter, while the water usage rate is up to 99%.

Compact and Efficient Ice Maker

Our Bullet Ice Maker features a compact design that fits seamlessly into any kitchen or business space. With rapid ice-making capabilities, it produces a generous amount of bullet ice cubes in a short time. Nano blue light and dry filter to keep the clean and fresh Ice to protect family health.

User-Friendly Operation

Operating our Bullet Ice Maker is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive controls and clear indicators. Simply add water, select your ice cube size, and let the machine work its magic. This commercial ice maker is automatic and has a start-up and shut-down function to save on wastage when ice bins are full. Operation panel with auto clean, ice making, adjustable Thickness, shortage temp & ice full & over time reminder, etc.

Key Features: 

✅ Precision technology
✅ High-speed operation
✅ Consistent results
✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Customizable settings
✅ Durable and reliable design
✅ Efficient processing
✅ Perfect for small to large-scale production
✅ Improves quality
✅ Saves time and labor costs


Offer your clients the following benefits:

    Time Saving Convenience, High Speed, Eco Friendly

Technical Details


Model A B C D
Model Type Free Standing Free Standing Under Counter Under Counter
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Power 330W 350W 500W 670W
Voltage 110 / 220 V 110 / 220 V 220 V 220 V
Size 15*22*30 inches 15*22*30 inches 26*25*30.5 inches 26*25*30.5 inches
Weight 77 lbs 77 lbs 128 lbs 128 lbs
Output Capacity 24hrs 55 lbs 77 lbs 121 lbs 165 lbs
Bin Capacity 33 lbs 33 lbs 66 lbs 66 lbs
Condensor Unit Type Air Air Air Air
Refrigerant R290 R290 R290 R290


More Details

  • The price would be valid for 30 days
  • We offer 3-5% discounts on orders consisting of multiple items
  • All machines are backed by our one-year quality guarantee
  • All machines come with the necessary accessories
  • Please note – Customised equipment may require an additional 25-35 days for delivery


We Can Customize!!

Do you want your machine to be

    • Shorter
    • Taller
    • Special Motor
    • Additional Compartments
    • Fewer Compartments
    • Branded

    More customizations are available. Please contact us for options and prices
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A, B, C, D


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