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Commercial Meat Grinder

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  • TTD: $ 1,200.00 - $ 44,100.00

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This is where we come in. YES offers Commercial equipment, quality ingredients, variety of supplies, equipment maintenance and excellent support.

Are you ready to finally turn your dream into a reality? Move to the next level? Turn your shop into a Production company or open a new store. Are you ready to say YES?


Prepare meat efficiently and easily with the help of this Grinder. Our high-quality meat grinder, which is lubricated in appearance and efficient in performance. It can be widely adopted in factory use or restaurant which offers various choices, no matter you want you need to grind. Its smooth and sturdy body can well stand for the test of time and corrosion, guaranteeing you a long time use. 


ModelDimensionsSpeedCapacityWeight (kg)VoltagePrice (USD)
Biro 722457 mm x 787 mm x 686 mm4-7 kg/min9 kg40115/208-2304201.6
Bro 822SS406 mm x 724 mm x 610 mm4-7 kg/min9 kg42115/2306050.2
Krymac 2.5440 mm x 270 mm X 420 mm2.5 kg/min3 kg23220150
Krymac 6554 mm x 382mm x 740mm6 kg/min6 kg45220900
  1. *Simple to operate to achieve quality products
  2. *Polished and anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy body, resistant to rust
  3. *Suitable for cutting many types of meat, fresh or frozen.
  4. *Good processing surface, no sharp corners,easy to clean
  5. *Powerful motor, low noise, energy-efficient
  6. restaurant/frozen meat/ bone cutting/ frozen meat and fish

We Can Customize!!

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More customizations available. Please contact us for options and prices

  • Shorter
  • Taller
  • Special Motor
  • Additional Compartments
  • Less Compartments
  • Branded

Biro 722, Bro 822SS, Krymac 2.5, Krymac 6

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