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Continuous Band Sealer

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  • TTD: $ 5,060.00 - $ 6,670.00

Suitable for small-bag packaging. This continuous band sealer uses an electronic constant temperature control system and a stepless speed adjusting transmission mechanism. This machine can handle various types of plastics and includes an embosser to print your expiration date, etc, save labor and improve efficiency.

We believe in providing quality. That is the reason we focus on developing essential products that stand up to the high volume and heavy-use environments, while also providing functionality and durability. Our quality also goes beyond our products thanks to our wonderful and resourceful team whose main purpose is to provide any assistance our customers might need, from answering questions about our items to quickly shipping replacements for orders damaged in transit.

Some benefits of using a continuous band sealer:

✅ Increased productivity: A continuous band sealer allows for high-speed sealing, which can increase productivity and efficiency in packaging operations.
✅ Improved product quality: A consistent and uniform seal can help to protect packaged products and maintain their quality, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and reduced returns.
✅ Low maintenance: Continuous band sealers are typically designed for heavy-duty use, and require minimal maintenance to keep them in good working condition, which can save time and money for the user.
✅ Cost-effective: A continuous band sealer can be a cost-effective solution for high-volume packaging operations, as it can reduce labor costs and increase the speed and efficiency of the sealing process.
✅ Versatility: Many continuous band sealers can seal a variety of materials, and can be adjusted to seal different bag sizes, which gives users more flexibility and cost saving.
The benefits of using a continuous band sealer for the user include increased productivity, improved product quality, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and versatility in sealing a variety of materials and bag sizes.

Band Sealer Technical Details:

Details Without Bracket With Bracket
Packaging Material: Plastic Plastic
Automatic Grade: Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Driven Type: Pneumatic Pneumatic
Voltage: 110v-220v/50-60HZ 110v-220v/50-60HZ
Brand Name:  Krymac  Krymac
Dimension(L*W*H): 38 x 19 x 45 inches 39 x 19 x 45 inches
Weight: 110 lbs 111 lbs
Warranty: 1 Year 2 Year
Sealing Speed: 0-13m/min 0-13m/min
Sealing Width: 0.23-0.4in 0.23-0.4in
Sealing film thickness: 0.10-0.80mm 0.10-0.80mm
Temperature range: 0-250℃ 0-250℃
Conveyor loading: 12 lbs 12 lbs
Machine weight: 90 lbs 100 lbs
Character number for one line 21 letters 22 letters



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