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Manual bone saw machine


  • TTD: $ 410.00

Manualmeatbonecuttingmachineissuitableformiddleandsmallanimalbones, ribs, frozen meat, frozen chicken, frozen fish, and other processing equipment. Widely used in big small and medium-sized food processing plants, slaughterhouses,meat-processing factories, supermarkets, etc

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Bone Saw Machine Features:

1. The blade is made of stainless steel, which is sharp and not easy to blunt.
2. The design of the labor-saving lengthening rod makes the use of lever principle, which is easy to operate.
3. The stainless steel body is convenient to clean.
4. Two sets of blades, positive and negative, rack and pinion structure, safe and reliable, to ensure the safety of the tailbone can be released.

Technical Parameter:

  • Model: QD-ST700
  • Size: 680*340*370mm
  • Weight: 26kg
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