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Metal Detector Food Service Safety Iron Aluminum

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  • TTD: $ 73,700.00 - $ 81,200.00

Metal detectors are primarily are used for the purpose of consumer protection they provide effective protection against ferrous and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, stainless steel, etc.)


Quick Details

Main Features:

Function and Features:

  1. The use of advanced 32-bit high speed processing chip.
  2. Large-size touch screen display and high performance operating system.
  3. Multi-Function and user-friendly interface
  4. Chinese /English Operating language selection
  5. Large-capacity product storage and abnormal records.
  6. All digital signal processing and transmission.
  7. Newly designed high degree of protection for stainless steel racks.
This metel detectors machine is suitable for the production and processing procedure of various industries as of food, plastic chemical engineering, textile, medicine, timber, etc. 
The converyor belt width size and effective height can be customrized according to your product carton detail size .
Model YS-E100 YS-E150
Detection furance size W15.75 inches, H5.9 inches W19.70 inches, H17.70 inches
Effective detection width 13.75 inches 17.70 inches
effective pass high of product 4.75 inches 16.5 inches
Belt width 13 inches 17 inches
detecting speed 18-36m/min 18-36m/min
detect sensitivity Fe 1mm,SUS 2mm Fe 1mm,SUS 2mm
Power 100W 150W
Power supply 1Ph.220V ,50/60Hz 1Ph.220V ,50/60Hz
Machine weight 441 lbs 617 lbs
Machine dimension L59*W35*H31 inches L71*W43*H35 inches

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