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Mini Pancake/Waffle Maker 25 Holes

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  • TTD: $ 4,025.00

This waffle/pancake maker are equipped with cast iron plates and a wrap rounding removable stainless steel drip tray. Stainless steel in outline border; Heavy duty top plate. The Commercial Waffle Toaster is designed for baking waffle with independent heat control and cast iron molds . The baking molds are made of high grade cast iron with high thermal conductivity. This product is very suitable to bake food in the shop/fields and to provide hot food to the customer and the operation is very easy. The highly conductive cast iron plate spread heat evenly, on/off switch, thermostat 0~300degree,pilot lights. The upper and lower module plates are enameled and are easy to be cleaned. All size can re-designed and customized.

Mini Pancake Maker Specifications & Details

CE Approval
Non-Stick Cooking Surface
Stainless Steel Machine Body
Adjustable Thermostat and Timer

Product description

This machine is apply to commercial use and heavy-duty in cafe, tea shop, restaurant, street vendor, home etc.
Package included 1 set tool(1pc batter dispenser, 1pc serving tong, 1pc spatula)
Voltage: 110v

Dimensions: 11.8 x 15.7 x 11.4 inches

Weight: 29 pounds

Product Details:

★ Product Features :Muffin pancake size : 1.7*1.7*0.4 in (If you need other size muffin waffle ,please contact us)
★ Nonstick Teflon Mold: This mold with High temperature resistance and High thermal conductivity that It can make muffin waffle within 3-5 mins
★ Temperature and Time Adjustable: Temperature can be adjusted within 0-300 degree. 0-5 minutes timer button enables you to work it more freely, no need to worry about the baking time
★Wide Application: It can be widely used in Restaurant, Bakery, Dessert shop, Western restaurant ,Cafeteria processing departments , Individual restaurants and Home.

  • How to make it

  • 40 grams of milk is warmed to 30 degrees and placed in yeast for 15 minutes. All materials (except butter) are placed in a blender and finally yeast water is added.
    After stirring for 40 minutes, add softened butter, stir for 10 minutes, shut down, and base the fermentation to 2 times larger (about 1 hour).
    Warm the stove to about 178 degrees and apply yellow cream or salad oil to the stove.
    Pour the prepared ingredients into the special bag for the cake, squeeze the dough into the groove of the lower layer of the template, and cover the upper mold for 3-5 minutes .
    When the timer rings, uncover the upper mold, and 5 fragrant doughnuts are officially baked.
    Decoration: Sprinkle with icing, sugar or shredded coconut directly. Or topped with chocolate or chocolate, and then garnish all kinds of nuts on it.



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    Probably the best local marketplace. Super friendly team and excellent quality. I am very happy with it.

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