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Peanut Thresher


  • TTD: $ 24,710.40

Experience the convenience of precision threshing with our Peanut Thresher. Achieve consistent results and optimize your peanut harvest with this user-friendly machine designed for modern peanut farming.

Efficient Peanut Separation for Modern Agriculture

Experience the convenience of precision threshing with our Peanut Thresher. Achieve consistent results and optimize your peanut harvest with this user-friendly machine designed for modern peanut farming.

Agricultural Efficiency

Introducing our Peanut Thresher, the epitome of agricultural efficiency in peanut farming. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, an agricultural enthusiast, or a small-scale grower, this specialized machine is designed to revolutionize the way you harvest peanuts. Bid farewell to labor-intensive methods and welcome a new era of productivity and ease in your fields.

A peanut thresher, sometimes referred to as a “peanut shaker” or “peanut digger,” is a specific type of agricultural machinery used for the separation of peanuts from their plants after the peanuts have been harvested. While peanut pickers or combines are used to uproot and collect the entire peanut plant, including peanuts and foliage, a peanut thresher focuses solely on the separation of the peanuts from the rest of the plant material.

Precision Thresher

Our Peanut Thresher is engineered for precision. It efficiently separates peanuts from their pods, ensuring minimal damage to the precious nuts. Experience a significant reduction in manual labor and time while preserving the quality of your harvest. Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional threshing and embrace a more efficient approach to peanut farming.

The harvested peanut plants, often including the underground peanut pods, are fed into the peanut thresher. Inside the thresher, the plants undergo a threshing process. This typically involves mechanisms that agitate or shake the plants to dislodge the peanuts from the root system and the surrounding soil.

As a result of the threshing action, the peanuts are separated from the plant material and soil. The peanuts usually drop through a series of screens or separation components, allowing the peanuts to fall into a collection area while leaving the plant debris and soil behind.

After separation, the peanuts may go through a cleaning system to remove any remaining dirt or debris. This ensures that the harvested peanuts are as clean as possible.

User-Friendly Design

Operating our Peanut Thresher is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive controls and robust performance. The machine’s precision guarantees consistent results, whether you’re operating on a small farm or a larger plantation. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an invaluable asset in your agricultural endeavors.

Key Features: 
✅ Precision technology
✅ High-speed operation
✅ Consistent results
✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Customizable settings
✅ Durable and reliable design
✅ Efficient processing
✅ Perfect for small to large-scale production
✅ Improves quality
✅ Saves time and labor costs

Offer your clients the following benefits:

    Time Saving Convenience, High Speed, User Friendly

Technical Details

Model A
Model Type Free Standing
Power 5.5 kW
Machine Size 67*59*67 inches
Machine Weight 330lbs
Capacity per hour 220 – 440 lbs /h
Total Loss Rate 0.1%

More Details

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