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Riyadh Mohammed – Lead Consultant

Biography (Long version)

The eldest of two children, my journey in the agri sector sprouted 29 years ago when I was born in Siparia, South Trinidad. From the tender age of seven, I was tasked with the responsibility of managing my family’s duck farm. In 2001, I began rearing animals such as the “manicou” and agouti, which gave me firsthand insight into neo-tropical animals. I also gained vast experience in crop production as a former full-time cantaloupe and honeydew melon farmer. In short, my entire life has revolved around agriculture.

At just 16 years old, I graduated from Iere High School. Standing at a crossroad, I was so confused about the next step of my life. For one, I always though I wasn’t good enough because of where I came from, and my hierarchy in society. I also thought I wasn’t good at anything, except producing food. Added to that, the very meaning of my name,  “Riyadh” when translated is rendered as “meadows” or gardens”. As fate would have it, I embarked on a course of study in agriculture at the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (ECIAF). I lived in school for two years, working on the fields and attending school for seven days a week. That experience was priceless and taught me many lessons of survival and about the spontaneous ways of life. Following my time at ECIAF, I graduate with a Diploma in Agriculture (Hons) and a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Technology (Hons).

My educational journey continued to the University of the West Indies (UWI), where I earned a Master’s of Science in Tropical Animal Science and Production (Distinction). I am currently a MPhil candidate for Livestock Science. I have also earned certificates from numerous international Universities such as The University of Edinburgh, Duke University and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. As a livestock scientist, I continue learning as much as I can in this field. I have served as an educator both at ECIAF and UWI and currently serve as an agri consultant and part-time lecturer for various Universities. I am also the recipient of the “30 under Thirty’ award and was recognised for my innovative contributions to the agriculture sector in the CARICOM region.

In 2010, while at ECIAF, I would meet my lifelong partner and soulmate, veterinarian Kavita Sant-Mohammed. We have since started our own business, R and K Tropical Agriculture Production, where I currently serve as the lead consultant. Our family business seeks to aid entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector to produce fresh, nutritious foods for local and
regional consumption. We believe strongly in food production and nutrition security. I am a proud father and husband who aims to provide new and improved agri-business solutions to tropical food production stakeholders. Kavita and I have a baby now and are living happily in our small home, filled with love and joy. My journey was a rough one and I would have never have considered I would be blessed with such an amazing chance of living and doing what I love most – devoting my life to agriculture and assisting others to become self-sufficient through agriculture. I thank all those who have invested and guided me along the path and will continue to support those who can and cannot feed themselves.

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are usually done to obtain loans from financing institutions and are composed details of the business's Strategic focus, Set priorities, Strategic alignment, Management of investments, Performance parameters, Contingency planning and Risk assessments.


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Agricultural Valuation Reports

Valuation reports will contain the current market value of all of the physical assets (crops, livestock, wildlife) situated on the land. A deed or certificate of ownership should be presented with a clear definition of boundaries to ensure a proper valuation.

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are usually done when the template or list of requirements are provided in advanced & the objectives of the project must be made clear.

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Riyadh Mohammed is an expert in his field and definite asset to YES team.

He has an outstanding vision which is to be the leading agri-business development and consultancy company, promoting sustainable agri-businesses and to improve the livelihoods of all communities. 

He started his company in early 2007 as an agricultural consultancy firm. It has grown and expanded over the years to accommodate agronomic, livestock, wildlife and engineering services, agro-processing innovations and stakeholder support services at all levels. The company has Consultant Partners with many years of experience as Private Individual Consultants in the sectors which include; Agriculture/ Horticulture & Social Sector Service Provision, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training & Capacity Building, Crop science, Structural Engineering and Water Engineering. RKTAP boasts of a wealth of experience in the fields above which make us very competitive service providers and partners in agro-business.

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