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Automatic Cup Sealing Machine

$ 3,650.00$ 6,500.00

  • USD: $542.94 - $966.89


Do you sell  Bubba Tea, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Shakes etc?  Do you need to find a new way of sealing your package? You may need to use this Automatic Cup Sealing Machine.

– Perfect for 95MM PP Cup, 92MM PET Cup and 92 / 93MM Paper Cup.
– Commercial Quality,  Reliable, heavy duty, durable with a stainless steel structure.
– Digital Control and customization settings for temperature and sealing / rolling times.
– Fully Automatically seals in seconds
– Automatic Counting function is convenient to make statistics sales.300-500cups/hour

Brand Name: KRYMAC

Item Automatic Cup Sealing Machine
Voltage 110V/220V
Power 400w
Capacity 200-400 OR 400~600cups/hour
Cup material Plastic/paper
Cup diameter 75/95mm
Cup height Adjustable
Max cup height 170mm
Cup counter Included
Temperature displayer Included
Machine size 14*12*22 inches
Packing size 15*14*24 inches
Net weight 50 lbs


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Packing Range

200-400 Cups/Hr, 400-600 Cups/Hr