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Commercial Ice Maker Machine

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  • TTD: $ 7,245.00 - $ 51,750.00

Stainless Steel and all cool! This commercial ice maker is automatic and has a start-up and shut down function to save on wastage when ice bins are full.

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Ice Maker Features:

  • ❄Fast and high efficient ice making – Commercial Ice Machine will bring you convenience and efficiency on ice making.
  • ❄Powerful compressor W/ high temp. Protection and energy saving – equipped with a powerful compressor to cool, it will be a mighty addition to your bar or under counter, while the water usage rate is up to 99%. (suggested: please transfer the ice cubes to refrigerator, if you don’t use them instantly)
  • ❄Microcomputer automatic control W/ Full set of accessories – Operation panel with auto clean, ice making, adjustable Thickness, shortage temp & ice full & over time remind, etc. Buttons will help you control the process of ice making.
  • ❄Adopted innovative nano blue light keep the fresh ice cubes -Nano blue light and dry filter to keep the clean and fresh Ice to protect family health. Powerful 220W compressor to cool, this ice maker is sure to be a mighty addition to your bar or under counter
  • ❄Wide applications – Stainless steel construction, this Commercial Ice Machine is rust resistant which prolongs its service time. Work great for applications in fisheries, coffee shop, party gathering, homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and more

Commercial Ice Machine Maker Machine Stainless Steel

Model Dimension
Production Capacity/Storage Voltage Power(W) Unit Price
YH-55P 430*520*860 25/15kgs 220v/50Hz 320W US$902
YH-80P 430*520*860 36/15kgs 220v/50Hz 380W US$946
YH-120P 530*570*860 54/26kgs 220v/50Hz 400W US$1,089
YH-150P 530*570*860 68/26kgs 220v/50Hz 420W US$1,386
YH-200P 680*630*1050 90/45kgs 220v/50Hz 600W US$1,529
YH-280P 680*630*1050 126/45kgs 220v/50Hz 650W US$1,848
YH-300P 560*830*1520 136/150kgs 220v/50Hz 750W US$2,376
YH-400P 560*830*1520 181/150kgs 220v/50Hz 900W US$2,464
YH-500P 760*830*1650 227/250kgs 220v/50Hz 1180W US$2,596
YH-600P 760*830*1650 272/250kgs 220v/50Hz 1220W US$2,772
YH-700P 760*830*1770 318/250kgs 220v/50Hz 1350W US$3,124
YH-800P 760*830*1770 363/250kgs 220v/50Hz 1530W US$3,300
YH-1000P 760*830*1900 454/250kgs 220v/50Hz 1860W US$3,960
YH-1500P 1230*930*1910 681/480kgs 220v/50Hz 2800W US$6,006
YH-2000P 1230*930*2040 910/480kgs 380v/50Hz 3680W US$6,380


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25/15kgs, 36/15kgs, 54/26kgs, 68/26kgs, 90/45kgs, 126/45kgs, 136/150kgs, 181/150kgs, 227/250kgs, 272/250kgs, 318/250kgs, 363/250kgs, 454/250kgs, 681/480kgs, 910/480kgs

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