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Heavy Duty Dough Kneading Machine

$ 3,041.28

  • USD: $452.40

Unleash efficiency and precision with our heavy-duty dough-kneading machine. Handle high-volume dough preparation with ease, achieving professional-grade results. Customize your dough’s consistency and enjoy the durability and reliability of our heavy-duty design. Boost your productivity and become the true artisan of your craft!

High Capacity and Uniformity Guaranteed

This Heavy Duty Dough Kneading Machine is  designed to handle large quantities of dough and provide consistent and thorough kneading. The powerful motors and durable construction of heavy-duty kneading machines ensure efficient mixing and gluten development, resulting in uniform dough texture and improved baking outcomes. With their high-capacity bowls and advanced features, these machines increase production capacity, reduce labor requirements, and save time, allowing bakeries and food establishments to meet customer demands with ease.

Unmatched Power for High-Volume Dough Preparation

Experience the epitome of efficiency and productivity with our heavy-duty dough-kneading machine. Designed to handle high-volume dough preparation, this powerhouse appliance is a game-changer for bakeries, commercial kitchens, and passionate home bakers seeking professional-grade results. Say goodbye to laborious hand kneading and hello to streamlined dough preparation.

With its robust motor and industrial-strength build, this kneading machine effortlessly tackles even the toughest dough. From dense bread dough to delicate pastry dough, it delivers consistent and perfectly kneaded results every time. Increase your production capacity and meet the demands of your business or baking endeavors with ease.

Precise Control and Customizable Dough Consistency

Take control of your dough’s texture and consistency like never before. Our industrial dough kneading machine offers precise control and customization options, allowing you to fine-tune the dough according to your unique recipes. Adjust the speed and kneading time to achieve the perfect texture and ensure optimal gluten development.

Whether you prefer a gentle knead for delicate pastries or a vigorous mix for hearty loaves of bread, this machine empowers you to create a dough with remarkable precision. The result? Bakery-quality treats that consistently impress your customers or family, making you the true artisan of your craft.

Heavy-Duty Design for Durability and Reliability

Invest in a dough-kneading machine that stands up to the rigors of heavy-duty use. Our industrial model is engineered with durability and reliability in mind, ensuring it becomes an indispensable part of your commercial kitchen or baking operation. Built with high-quality materials and sturdy construction, it withstands the demands of daily kneading. Suitable for restaurants, bakeries, pizza shops, and factories.

The heavy-duty design not only ensures long-lasting performance but also prioritizes safety. With advanced safety features and intuitive controls, this machine guarantees a secure and user-friendly operation. Focus on what matters most – creating delectable baked goods – without worrying about the durability or safety of your equipment.

✅ High volume preparation
✅ Fully automated
✅ Professional grade results
✅ Optimal gluten development
✅ Durable and reliable
✅ Easy to clean
✅ User-friendly operation
✅ High-grade stainless steel

Technical Details


Model A
Rotating Speed 28 r/min
Power 1.5kw
Machine         Size (LxWxH) 20*12*27 inches
Voltage 220 /110 V
Weight 77 lbs
Capacity 11 – 17 lbs



More Details

  • The price would be valid for 30 days
  • We offer 3-5% discounts on orders consisting of multiple items
  • All machines are backed by our one-year quality guarantee
  • All machines come with the necessary accessories
  • Please note – Customised equipment may require an additional 25-35 days for delivery


We Can Customize!!

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    • Special Motor
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    • Branded

    More customizations are available. Please contact us for options and prices
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