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Extra Heavy Duty Meat Bone Saw


  • TTD: $ 26,611.20 - $ 87,056.64

This bone saw is applicable to all kinds of small and medium-sized animal bones, frozen meat, fish bones, frozen fish, and ice processing. Great for cutting small pieces of frozen meat and ribs, etc. Widely used in large centralized food processing plants, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, etc. Achieve unmatched efficiency and precision in your meat processing operations. Invest in a durable and safe appliance built for demanding applications.

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Effortless Efficiency and Precision

Experience the raw cutting power of our heavy-duty bone saw. Designed for professional butchers, meat processors, and food establishments, this robust appliance is built to handle the toughest cutting tasks. Say goodbye to manual sawing and hello to unmatched cutting efficiency and precision.

Unleash Cutting Potential With The Heavy-Duty Bone Saw

Our heavy-duty bone saw allows you to unleash your cutting potential. From large primal cuts to dense bone-in meats, this machine effortlessly slices through the toughest materials, saving you time and effort. Take your meat processing to the next level and achieve precise, clean cuts with ease.

Power and Durability for Demanding Applications

Experience the strength and durability of our heavy-duty bone saw. Equipped with a powerful motor and a sturdy frame, this appliance is engineered to withstand the demands of heavy usage in commercial settings. Its robust construction ensures stability during operation, allowing for smooth and efficient cutting.

Applicable to all kinds of small and medium-sized animal bones, frozen meat, fish bones, frozen fish, and ice processing. Great for cutting small pieces of frozen meat and ribs, etc.

With its exceptional cutting power, our heavy-duty bone saw can tackle a wide range of applications. From cutting through thick bone to portioning large cuts of meat, this machine is your reliable companion in the factory. It enables you to maintain productivity and meet the demands of your customers with ease.

Safety and Ease of Use: The Ultimate Bone Cutting Companion

Invest in a bone saw that prioritizes safety and ease of use. Our heavy-duty model features advanced safety features, such as blade guards and emergency stop mechanisms, to protect operators from potential accidents. The user-friendly design and intuitive controls make operating the bone saw straightforward, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Maintenance is made easy with removable components that are simple to clean. Spend less time on cleanup and more time focusing on your craft. With its safety features and ease of use, our heavy-duty bone saw allows you to work efficiently and confidently.

Bone Saw Features:

✅ Compact and space-saving
✅ Built-in tungsten steel guide block
✅ Time-saving
✅ Fresh or Frozen products
✅ Durable and wear resistant
✅ German imported saw blade
✅ Waterproof switch
✅ User-friendly operation
✅ High-grade stainless steel

Offer your clients the following benefits:

    Time Saving Convenience, Precision Cut Products, Versatile

Technical Parameter:


Model A B C D
Speed (m/s) 34m/s 34m/s 440 – 660lbs capacity
Voltage(v) 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 380V
Power 2200w 2200w 3000w 1500w
Material Full stainless steel Stainless steel+alloy Full stainless steel
working table size 31*29inches 31*29inches
Dimension 35*37*72inches 35*37*72inches 39*37*77inch >49*43*76inch
Weight 396lbs 396lbs 418lbs 330lbs


More Details

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