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4 Packaging Ideas To Increase Awareness

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4 Packaging Ideas To Increase Awareness

Okay guys let’s talk about packaging.  We are living in a society now that everything is either ordered online or via phone then delivered to your door step.  If your food service business isn’t offering online ordering you need to be thinking about this option quickly. 

The in store interaction between food business owners and guests, specifically small restaurant owners; are becoming a thing of the past.  Whether we like it or not, if you are producing a product to be taken away by your clients, packaging now needs to be a big part of your branding.  Think of it as an extra marketing tool for your food business. It can also be used to communicate brand information, product ingredients, even how to dispose of the packaging after use. 

In today’s blog we are going to discuss the different options to improve your packaging which would increase your brand awareness, encourage repeat customers, and even increase new word of mouth sales. 

Environmental Friendly Packaging

packagingFirst off let’s jump straight into your container/box packaging options.  In recent years we’ve seen a lot of food services switch to the new biodegradable containers; the average consumer is becoming more environmentally conscious and tends to show support to like minded businesses.  As one of our last blogs mentioned, “Plastics natural decomposition can last from 400-100 years and there are also a few plastics that aren’t degradable” so having your business refrain from plastic containers, would not only please many environmentalists but can also be used as a brand highlight used encourage more like minded customers and your business and well you can boast that your business does it’s part to sustain a healthy environment. Here in Trinidad we do have the option to use biodegradable eat wear that’s available from Hello Green

Stickers & Stamps For Your Packaging

After choosing your packaging you’d want to think about personalising that container. We know how expensive engraving or custom printing packaging could be so we found a couple inexpensive ways to brand your containers without breaking the bank. 

1.). Stickers – designing and printing your own stickers is probably the most popular option of branding packaging. Spackagingtickers can average around $1TTD a sticker or less if ordered in larger quantities.  We no longer have to reach out to expensive graphic artists either.  With user friendly graphic design websites like canva it’s easy to create your own artwork to send for print.  The stickers can be placed on your containers, paper bags etc.  We’d recommend spending the extra dollars to have the stickers printed on water/oil proof paper  so they aren’t ruined with any sort of spillage.

2.) A stamp – definitely the cheaper option of the two.  A one time stamp purchase and that’s it.  You are free to go wild using your branded stamp on the packaging you chose.  You can even go as far as branding your paper liners with the stamp.  Only con to this option is it’s wearability. Being an ink stamp, it may not be able to be used on all types of packaging.  You’ll need to make sure your packaging is not glossy nor covered with any sealant. Otherwise it’s a great option for branding disposable food ware.


Thank You Cards In Your Packaging

Showing your appreciation for your clients’ support goes a long way.  Imagine opening a bag delivered with a beautifully branded biodegradable container stuffed with that delicious creole food you’ve been waiting on, for the last 30mins; but wait… Before you indulge, there’s a little hand written note saying “Thank You *insert name here* for choosing me”. I’m quite certain you will feel a little warmth of appreciation after reading that.  Something that takes nothing but time, (maybe a few dollars if you wish to have thank you cards printed) will be worth a whole lot more in customer satisfaction..

Customer Incentives Added In Your Packaging

Now not everyone would agree, but giving your clients an incentive to return definitely helps encourage repeat and pleased customers.  Incentives could include, discount cards, rewards points, free product upon return within a timed period etc.  Anything that gives the client a reason to return; something that makes them feel they are gaining more than the value of the food item they ordered.  These incentives can easily be printed and added to your final packaging.  You can also design a card with your business information as it is possibly something your guests would need to keep for future use.  This card is a constant, physical reminder of your brand and many would hold on to it, if they knew it held monetary value (discount code / rewards record etc) rather than dumping it with the empty food containers. 

Packaging is becoming an important part of telling your brand’s story, whether a multi-million franchise food chain or a mom and pops family own beachfront fried fish hut, your story needs to be visual.  Visuals don’t stop at your logo or signage, it seeps into everything presented to your customers eyes then be sure your food will be seeping into their bellies. 

Branding doesn’t need to be expensive or outlandish. Simple and crafty ideas go a long way in adding value to your brand, resulting in increased sales and profits. 


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