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Animal Feed Pellet Extruder


  • TTD: $ 34,214.40

Experience the convenience of precision feed extrusion with our Feed Pellet Extruder. Achieve consistent animal nutrition and optimize your animal farming with this user-friendly machine designed for modern agriculture.

Optimize Animal Nutrition

Experience the convenience of precision feed extrusion with our Feed Pellet Extruder. Achieve consistent animal nutrition and optimize your animal farming with this user-friendly machine designed for modern agriculture.

Agricultural Excellence

Introducing our Feed Pellet Extruder, a symbol of agricultural excellence in modern animal farming.  An animal feed pellet extruder, also known as a feed pellet machine or feed pellet mill, is a specialized piece of equipment used in the livestock and poultry industry to produce high-quality animal feed pellets. These pellets are typically formulated to provide balanced nutrition for various animals, including cattle, poultry, pigs, and more. Feed pellet extruders are essential for modern animal farming as they help improve feed quality, reduce waste, and enhance animal health and growth.

Precision Pellet Extrusion

Our Feed Pellet Extruder is engineered for precision. It efficiently processes various ingredients into high-quality animal feed pellets, ensuring balanced nutrition and uniformity.

The raw ingredients for the animal feed, which can include grains (such as corn, wheat, and barley), protein sources (such as soybean meal), vitamins, minerals, and additives, are first mixed and ground into a uniform powder or meal. This mixture is often referred to as the “feed formulation.”

In some extruder designs, the feed formulation is conditioned with steam and water to achieve the desired moisture content and consistency. Conditioning helps the feed ingredients adhere together during pellet formation.

The conditioned feed formulation is introduced into the extruder chamber, where it encounters a rotating screw or auger. The screw conveys the feed forwards while simultaneously subjecting it to heat and pressure. As the feed mixture moves along the extruder barrel, it is compressed and heated. The combination of pressure, heat, and mechanical forces causes the feed mixture to soften and become plasticized. At the end of the extruder, a die with small holes shapes the soft feed mixture into uniform pellets.

The freshly extruded feed pellets are cut to the desired length as they exit the die. The cutter mechanism can be adjusted to produce pellets of the desired size. The hot pellets are typically cooled quickly to room temperature to set their structure and prevent overcooking. Cooling is often accomplished using a counterflow cooler or air cooling system.

User-Friendly Design

Operating our Feed Pellet Extruder is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive controls and reliable performance.  Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an indispensable asset in your animal farming operation.

Animal feed pellet extruders are invaluable tools for animal nutrition and farming operations, as they play a significant role in enhancing the quality and efficiency of animal feed production, ultimately contributing to the health and productivity of livestock and poultry. These machines help ensure that the animal feed contains consistent levels of essential nutrients, resulting in healthier and more productive livestock.

Key Features: 
✅ Precision technology
✅ High-speed operation
✅ Consistent results
✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Customizable settings
✅ Durable and reliable design
✅ Efficient processing
✅ Perfect for small to large-scale production
✅ Improves quality
✅ Saves time and labor costs

Offer your clients the following benefits:

    Time Saving Convenience, High Speed, User Friendly

Technical Details

Model A
Model Type Free Standing
Material Stainless Steel
Power 0.4kW
Voltage 220/380 V
Machine Size 51*35.5*43.5 inches
Machine Weight 1058 lbs
Output Capacity per hour 200 – 300 lbs/h
Spindle Power 15kW

More Details

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  • We offer 3-5% discounts on orders consisting of multiple items
  • All machines are backed by our one-year quality guarantee
  • All machines come with the necessary accessories
  • Please note – Customised equipment may require an additional 25-35 days for delivery


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