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Blast Freezer

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The Blast Freezer is perfect for any food service business.  Blast Freezers prevent the busting of cells by rapidly freezing the foods and forming small ice crystals.  The longer foods take to freeze the larger the ice crystalizes which does affects the quality of your food.

We believe in providing quality. That is the reason we focus on developing essential products that stand up to the high volume and heavy-use environments, while also providing functionality and durability. Our quality also goes beyond our products thanks to our wonderful and resourceful team whose main purpose is to provide any assistance our customers might need, from answering questions about our items to quickly shipping replacements for orders damaged in transit.

A blast freezer is a type of industrial freezer that rapidly freezes products by blowing extremely cold air over them. The benefits of using a blast freezer include:

  1. Rapid freezing: Blast freezers can rapidly freeze products to very low temperatures, preserving the quality, texture and taste of the product.
  2. Increased shelf life: Rapid freezing can extend the shelf life of products, allowing them to be stored for longer periods of time without losing quality.
  3. Improved food safety: Rapid freezing can kill bacteria and other microorganisms, making the frozen products safer to consume.
  4. Energy efficiency: Blast freezers are designed to be energy efficient, reducing the cost of operation.
  5. Space-saving: Blast freezers take up less space than traditional freezers, and can be used for a variety of products, including meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables.
  6. Customizable: Blast freezers can be customized to suit specific needs and requirements, such as temperature and airflow.
  7. High-volume production: Blast freezers are well suited for high-volume production and commercial use.

A blast freezer is a specialized industrial freezer that quickly freezes products by blowing very cold air onto them. This type of freezer offers several advantages such as fast freezing, prolonged shelf life, enhanced food safety, energy efficiency, space-saving design, flexibility in customization and high-volume production capabilities. These features make it an ideal choice for preserving the quality, texture, and taste of a wide range of products, extending their shelf life, preventing bacterial growth, reducing operating costs and handling large scale production.


Technical Details:

Voltage: 220v/60hz
Power: 2000w
Material: Stainless steel
Compressor: 2HP Tecumseh
Refrigerant: R404A
Capacity: 430L
Pan quantity: 12pcs
Defrost function: Included
Cooling mode: Fan cooling
The lowest temperature: -40℃
Pan size: 40*60
Net weight: 353lbs
Gross weight: 551lbs
Machine size: 32.6*35*76in
Packing size: 35*37.7*81in
Packing material: Plywood case

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Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 89 × 96 × 206 in

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