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Coffee Bean Husking Machine


  • TTD: $ 14,750.00

Our hulling machine can make cleaning coffee beans so much easier. This machine is made to remove the glume from the bean itself. 

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Our coffee hulling machine is a grain processing machine which removes beans from glume. It is mainly composed of a hopper feed device, machine head device, coffee husk separation room, gear gearbox, frame and so on.


Coffee Husking Features and Advantages:

1. Little noise.

2. You can thoroughly clean the isolation foil.

3. Thick rubber roller layer. Long service life.

4. Small, three rubber roller sheller, equivalent to two.

5. The warehouse door of the sheller can be opened conveniently, with convenient adjustment.

Technical Parameter:

Model QD-HS400
Voltage 220V 50HZ 2.2KW
Capacity 300-400kg/h
Size 2*2*4 in
Packing Wooden package
Weight 198.5 lbs
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