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Solar Powered Automatic Egg Incubator


  • TTD: $ 3,100.00

If you’re planning to raise poultry, like chickens, ducks or even pigeons, then an incubator would be would be perfect for your eggs.

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Our machine is fit for all sorts of eggs, such as chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, turkey eggs, etc.  Mainly used in egg hatching and embryo development.

Solar Egg Incubator Specifications and Features

New design rolling incubator
Chiken:1000  Duck:500  Goose:400  Pigeon:1100  Quail:1100
≤850W,energy saving
Hatching Rate
Above 98%
Latest Material

PE, by blow molding process, keep better Insulation,

more durable and elasticity quality.
Automatic temperature control, automatic egg turning, automatic humidity control
12 months
CE, ROHS, FCC approved
Customized design logo, color, box
Accepted by our factory
New Features:

1.New PE raw material by blow molding process. Keep better insulation. More durable and elasticity quality.

2.Unique automatic Intelligent LCD Screen display controller.

3.Mainbody with Double-layer hollow design. More uniform, accurate and stable temperature control.

4. Independent heating system. 4 pcs Silicone heating wire built-in. Increased surface area of the radiator.

5. Automatic egg turning, simulate the original ecological hen hatching mode.

6. Automatic temperature control and digital display current temperature and humidity.

7. Double-layers 2 Large transparent visible observation window doors. Convenience incubation design.

8. Automatic humidity control by automatic high-pressure spray. Easy to control humidity. Durable quality Translucent water tank adds water inside and outside at the same time. The external water evaporates naturally, and the internal water adopts automatic high-pressure spray.

9. Effective Ventilation design, with 4 air inlets and 4 air outlets for ventilation.

10. Hatcher and setter combination.

11. Strong and durable packaging.

12. Drawer type design of rolling egg tray.

13. Rolling egg tray suitable for hatching various eggs.

14. Whole Copper material fan with a longer lifespan. More uniform temperature control.

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