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Pasteurization Machine with Cooling Air Compressor

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  • TTD: $ 23,000.00 - $ 54,000.00

Introducing our advanced Pasteurization Machine with Cooling Air Compressor, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the stringent requirements of food processing industries.

Introducing our advanced Pasteurization Machine with Cooling Air Compressor, a cutting-edge solution designed to benefit both the user and their end customers in the food processing industry. Here’s how:

Benefits for the User:

Efficiency: Our machine ensures efficient pasteurization, saving time and resources for the user during the production process.
Integrated Cooling System: With a high-performance air compressor, it provides rapid cooling post-pasteurization, optimizing production throughput and minimizing downtime.
Ease of Operation: Featuring intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, our machine simplifies operation, reducing training time and operational errors.
Compliance and Hygiene: Built with food-grade materials and a hygienic design, it meets industry regulations, ensuring product safety and compliance, thus reducing the risk of fines or penalties.
Reliability: Designed for durability and reliability, our machine offers consistent performance, minimizing maintenance requirements and maximizing uptime.

Benefits for the End Customer:

Product Safety: Thorough pasteurization eliminates harmful bacteria and pathogens, ensuring the safety and well-being of the end customer.
Quality Preservation: Rapid cooling preserves the quality, freshness, and nutritional value of the food products, enhancing the overall consumer experience.
Extended Shelf Life: By eliminating contaminants and preserving quality, our machine helps extend the shelf life of products, reducing waste and saving money for both the customer and the user.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of food products, our machine ensures consistent quality across various food items, catering to diverse consumer preferences.
Trust and Confidence: With products processed using our machine, customers can have confidence in the safety, quality, and reliability of the food they consume, building trust and loyalty towards the brand.

Upgrade your food processing operations with our Pasteurization Machine with Cooling Air Compressor and experience enhanced efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction.


 Model   &  Capacity  Size  Voltage  & Power  Compressor H/P
 P30L   30L  130*110*120cm  110V/220V     6000W 1.5P
 P50L   50L  135*110*120cm 110V/220V     6000W 2P
P100L  100L  145*110*130cm 110V/220V     6000W 2P
 P150L  150L  150*110*145cm 110V/220V/380V     12000W 3P
 P200L  200L  155*110*150cm 110V/220V/380V     12000W 3P
 P300L  300L  165*110*155cm 110V/220V/380V     24KW 4P
 P400L  400L  170*110*160cm 110V/220V/380V     36KW 4P
 P500L  500L  175*110*160cm 110V/220V/380V     48KW 5P
 P1000L 1000L  200*150*180cm 110V/220V/380V     72KW 6P
 P2000L 2000L  250*185*190cm 110V/220V/380V     120KW Double 4P


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