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6 Online Communities About Agriculture You Should Join

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Today, there are hundreds of communities and online forums dedicated to discussing agriculture. Those who want to engage with others about farming can find any number of groups that cater to their interests, whether it’s discussion of growing and harvesting, animal husbandry, managing land, or even livestock production. If you’re either looking for a career in agriculture or if you’re interested in learning more about how agriculture is changing the world, consider joining one of these online communities.


1. Successful Farming Online Community (

Successful Farming is the go-to source for news, information and education for farmers across the US. The site covers the entire spectrum of agriculture, including livestock, dairy, produce, grain and more. The site also provides an opportunity to reach farmers throughout their region, offering advertising packages that include regional coverage.


2. The e-Agriculture Community (

The e-Agriculture community is a voluntary association. The focus is on the development and dissemination of knowledge in e-Agriculture, that helps to improve the efficiency of agricultural production and processing, using information and communication technologies.

3. Caribbean Agribusiness Online Community (

AgriCarib a one-stop website where the Caribbean community can contribute content and share ideas to improve the development of the sector which can result in, enhanced intra and extra regional trade and increased foreign exchange earnings for the Caribbean.

4. Upstart Farmers (

Upstart farmers are a new, innovative group of food producers that seek to improve agriculture with sustainable, efficient techniques. They empower the community to pursue purposeful work in the growing local food economy. Upstart website provides an array of online courses and articles that gives the pertinent information for farmers to take a pragmatic and holistic approach to commercial hydroponic farming.

5. The World Economic Forum (

The WE Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum is independent and impartial with no special interests created. They believe in connecting people who have the same drive and passion for making a change in the world. Although The Forum institutes all sectors of the world’s economy, their platform holds a great reputation and their contribution to agriculture is tremendous.

6. The Ministry of Agriculture, Land & Fisheries (

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land & Fisheries champions the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development of food and non-food systems, supported by sound public policy in Trinidad and Tobago. The ministry is mandated to develop strategies and policies. To promote farming and the use of land resources in order to provide food security, increase income, create employment and improve agricultural productivity.

One of the things we love about a good agricultural community is that each is unique. The agricultural world likes to think outside the box and present its business to a wider audience, including people who may never have known it existed on the Internet.

As the number of forums and online communities grow, so do the business opportunities in agriculture; and the above list is just a simple guide to staying updated and relevant in the agricultural world by being part of communities that are making the difference.


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