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Coffee To Go!


Coffee. The worlds favorite hot drink!

Nowadays, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and own their business. However, that begs the question as to what type of business is the best to get started in.

“The food industry is one that will always succeed, and even grow.”…someone said that. I’ve heard it somewhere before. I just can’t recall who might have said it. The point is that they’re correct. People will always have a need to eat and drink. If you’re anything like me, then you’re also a coffee maniac and the stuff is flowing through your veins, which brings me to the topic of what I believe is one of the best
businesses to go into. The coffee business.

What I’m talking about, primarily, is the café or coffee shop business. There are already franchises that exist throughout the world and even in our country. Still, I’d say that there isn’t enough. There still exist a niche for local markets. But the question is, how to get started in this new endeavor?

Firstly, you would have to know who your target audience is. This can simply be done by observing the people that live in or pass through your area. You would also have to determine if there is a need for such a business as well. Asking questions is a simple way of finding things out and can help you get a clearer idea of what potential customers might be looking for.

Location, location, location! For a business, this could mean success of failure. Know where to set up shop can be a pain, especially if what you’re looking for doesn’t exist in your area, or if the cost to purchase or rent a space is too steep. In this regard there is a solution.


Going mobile!

This is something that I believe would be a great and profitable idea. However, not many people know how to go about doing that, or if it’s even possible. It is, and there are many examples of people who have started their small businesses and are thriving. One only needs to look online to learn these days, and I’ve already taken the opportunity to help you in that regard. Below is a short list of people who have taken their passion on the road and we can definitely learn from what they’ve done.


How To Start A Coffee Cart


Of course, these are all foreign examples. I have yet to see it done locally. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible, or that it’s a bad idea. If it can work for snow-cone and pie vendors, then I believe that it can most definitely work with coffee. If startup is an issue then there are a number of local entities that can assist with financing a business idea and turning it into a successful reality.

Funding Small Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago

One of those entities is Your Equipment Suppliers, or using the witty acronym; YES. They are a supplier of premium equipment, ingredients and services. They operate within the Caribbean and even abroad. They also provide funding and training to ensure that your business hits its intended mark.

After all of that is done and out of the way the next step would be to get your hands on the product, the good stuff. The coffee itself.
In this regard there are so many options available. There are so many brands to choose from. But it really comes down to two things. Instant or ground. For me I would always go with ground coffee. Yes, it may take a bit more time to prepare a cup, but the taste and quality is
superior to any instant brand coffee.


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