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7 Businesses You Can Start With Just A Vacuum Sealer

Is it a bad idea to start a business during a pandemic? We don’t think so.


A lot of people have experienced becoming redundant, salary cuts, no job opening in their fields and are currently looking at all the ways they can make an income for themselves for the short term or hopefully, the long term. The covid-19 pandemic has brought out our creative and entrepreneurial sides as nothing else could have done. This pandemic has forced us to discover new ways to solve common problems or to create things that did not exist before.

This pandemic has opened new doors of opportunities for people in multiple industries that they did not think of becoming involved in before. We have provides 6 different business ideas that you can start with little start-up cost. These businesses are all within the food processing industry and use the method of vacuum sealing for packaging. Vacuum sealing as a business has a lot of opportunities for anyone who is looking to make an income. There are so many ventures you can hop into. Below are 7 business ventures you can start with just a vacuum sealer.

1. Herb and spice blends

Do you have a blend of herbs and species you created and love? I am sure others will love it too!  Create a batch and vacuum seal into small portions for distribution. You can also purchase herbs and spices in bulk, repackage different blends into smaller quantities, then sell the mixture through local stores.

Another idea will be dehydrated herbs; for example, a staple in every Caribbean household- Chadon Beni also known as Culantro. This business idea is great for Caribbean people who want to break out into foreign economies! Many Caribbean people living in the United States, Europe and all around the world long for a taste of home. Imagine your tasty blend of herbs and spices being used in their kitchen to give them just a little bit of home to keep with them.

2. Frozen Foods

A frozen foods business is a great business idea within the foodservice industry. It is a business that does not always require a lot of money to begin which makes it enticing. We live in a time where people do not always have the time or even want to prepare and cook a meal. With a frozen foods business, you can offer custom made orders that they pay for upfront.  When starting a food business, the key to a profitable outcome is defining your target market and niche. Are you going to provide baked goods? Creole food? Asian food? You need to have a well-defined target market before you start marketing your business!


3. Marinated meats

Marinated meats are very convenient and as such, will always be a hit. Many people don’t have the time or patience to season the meat themselves and wait for it to be absorbed into the meat. A marinated meat business means that the meat has been fully marinated and ready to cook! The benefit of this is that as the vacuum seal removes all the air from the bag, the pores of the meat open up, allowing the marinade to absorb completely.

A variation of this will be meats marinated for different types of meals such as Indian, Italian, Mexican etc. This will give people the motivation to try a new meal or finally test one they’ve had saved. This can be a great opportunity for creating products that go well with each other as your business grows. That way you can upsell your business.

4. Snacks

You can create so many combinations of snacks that it’s not a shock that this is a business to look into.

People are always willing to try something new when it comes to food. Come up with an exciting combination that will attract people to try it! Some snack options include trail mixes, flavoured popcorn, candy and dehydrated fruits!

5. Seasonal Fruit.

Our favourite fruits always seem to go out of season quickly. Vacuum sealing and selling these fruits would be a great business idea. They can be used for baked goods, smoothies, ice cream, snacks and so much more!

6. Popsicles

Popsicles are a worldwide favourite. This is an extremely low-cost business that can generate massive earnings. Having some unique mixes will attract a lot of people. You can create alcoholic and nonalcoholic popsicles to attract both adults and children to your business.

7. Salad mixes

Salad mixes are a great business idea for the health-conscious market. After a long day’s work and working out, preparing a healthy meal may not be on the schedule. Salad mixes can be a great product to sell to gyms, fitness trainers and for those who just want a tasty salad without the hassle. This is a great initiative for people who love to plant! Growing your own crops and selling them as ready to go products are a way to make a massive profit.


We hope that at least one of these seven businesses you can start with a vacuum sealer sounds exciting to you! Let us know if you accept the challenge of starting one of these businesses.


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