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Quality Commercial Dough Mixer

Commercial Dough Mixer

Mixes more than flour.

Every baker knows that making dough by hand can be time-consuming and energy-draining. However, there are bakers who do it anyway, maybe out of habit or because they do not have access to a commercial dough mixer, or perhaps because they enjoy the process. If you fall into any of these categories, you might want to reconsider your choice. Not only does working with a dough mixer require significantly less time and effort than kneading dough by hand, but it also produces better results in the end due to the consistent handling of the dough’s ingredients.

Commercial dough mixers are not only limited to the use of bakers, they are ideal for various types of food production where mixing is involved. Top dough machines typically carry adjustable attachments like a beater, dough hook, and whisk. You can quickly mix a wide range of ingredients from pizza dough to cake batter effortlessly.

Commercial Dough Mixer

3 Benefits of using a Commercial Dough Mixer:

1. It allows you to produce much more dough than what you could by hand in a comparable amount of time, so you will be able to mass-produce dough and bake far more loaves over any given period.

2. A commercial dough mixer hook is designed for mixing flour rather than using your hands or kitchen utensils (which are not quite built for kneading), your consistency and quality control will be better. The same way that an ice cream maker churns out perfect ice cream every time because it was built for churning ice cream. A professional dough mixer was built specifically to mix large amounts of flour into perfect consistency quickly.

3. As your business grows and you start baking larger quantities of dough regularly. You may find yourself short on time and staff. Training staff to use the machine is faster than teaching them to knead flour to the professional standard you require. Even if they can effectively knead flour well, being human can leave room for inconsistency. Today your employee feels motivated to work and kneads flour well, tomorrow, he does not and effort for the perfect dough is absent.

4. The dough machines makes more that just dough. They come with three changeable attachments ideal for everything from cake mixes to sauce mixes.

Dough Machine

3 Tips to finding the right commercial dough mixer:

  1. Capacity
  2. Quality Support
  3. Premium Equipment


When considering which dough mixer to purchase, you want to find one that is going to be able to handle your production volume. Consider your current demand first. Then consider your targets for the near future in your business plans. You do not want to buy another machine 6 months to a year later for greater production.

Quality Support

If you want to be certain that your dough mixer is a good investment, make sure you choose one with excellent warranty options. Compare the warranty on your mixer and ensure that you get technical support, such as helping find replacement parts and technicians. To determine whether or not a supplier will work for your needs, contact their customer service department beforehand, and discuss your concerns and queries.

Premium Equipment

Comparing warranty and technical support plans is one thing, but it’s important to think about price when shopping for a new commercial dough mixer. There are several different budget levels available; from entry-level machines starting around $1,000 up to high-end models costing well over $100,000. Many businesses find that spending more on a top-of-the-line model saves them money in maintenance costs and electricity bills down the road. Again, this all depends on the amount of dough produced on a daily basis, each customer is unique and should consult if unsure about anything before making a purchase and be sure to query about finance options.

A commercial dough mixer is an excellent investment for any business that kneads flour. Your Equipment Suppliers supplies commercial dough mixers that range from a capacity of 8 quarts to 80 quarts. It has an Ultra Silent Design which allows it to operate at high power and high beat rate with low noise! It has a wide application and can be used in the kitchen for more than just mixing dough. Your Equipment Supplier also offers finace options. For further assistance in finding the right dough mixer for your business, contact us now.

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