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Blast Freezer Prevents Bacteria Growth

Does your business need a method of preserving food?

The blast freezer is the answer to all of your food industry problems. The technology has been around for decades, withstanding time and space requirements that competitors cannot even fathom!

1) A blast freezer  keeps foods frozen without thawing or cooking them – so they’re good no matter when you want them.

2) You can store more per square foot in this type than any other because its storage temperature stays below 0°F/-18 °C throughout operation which means less bulk purchases from retailers while still having enough variety on hand at once.

3) Blast freezing is commanly called flash freezing.

Blast Freezer

The blast freezing industry has been expanding exponentially in recent years, and this trend will likely continue as more people realize how convenient it can be. For example: With commercial refrigerators being used by restaurants around the world to store their food while they’re closed for service or inventory changes; smaller businesses such local businesses that offer daily produce needs may also find themselves looking into these machines if enough consumers demand frozen items locally!

Blast Freezer Prevents Bacterial Growth

The bacteria that cause food to spoil can be a serious problem for home cooks. These microbes grow quickly and are powerful enough not just because they’re inside our bodies, but also on the outside of meats like ground beef or chicken breasts as well! Luckily there is an easy way stop this from happening: freezing foods at proper temperatures will kill all types infective microorganisms so you don’t need worry about getting sick after cooking these items either too far beyond what’s safe.

Flash Freezing Reduces Food Wastage

One of the best features about blast freezers are their quick freezing processes, which can keep produce fresh for up to three weeks.

The blast freezer provides a great method of preserving nutrients in food as it can help to stop rapid deterioration. This means that people will be able enjoy healthier produce, which is better for their health and less expensive overall due to lower waste creation from spoilage or lack-of quality control during production process errors like mold growth on fruits

An example would include when you buy fresh fruit at the store only find out once home how ripe they’re going missy mush more than half way through eating them because there was no freezing available time.

With the growing demand for healthier frozen foods, blast freezers are an important asset to have. They allow you preserve nutrients in ready cooked meals so that they don’t go bad when it’s time of use.

Why buy a freezer blaster for your business?

Investing in a blast freezer is the perfect way to expand your company’s stock without hassle. With easy setup and no planning permission necessary, you can begin freezing new produce within days which will ensure ample supplies for both customers and staff!

You can’t beat the convenience of blast freezing your food! You’re never without a source for fresh produce when it’s time to serve up that dinner party or event. Plus, with our range in sizes you are sure find one which suits all needs – from farmers who need portable solutions up through large scale caterers and distributors looking at preserving their inventory over long periods without refrigeration.

Your Equipment Suppliers offers the blast freezer machine for your business along with the necessary training. All machines are backed by warranty and you are assured customer support. There are several finance options available to get you blasting. Our team stands ready to answer any questions you may have and seamlessly guide you through the entire process.

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