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Characteristics of an Effective Entrepreneur

Characteristics of an Effective Entrepreneur

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So what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? What characteristic do you need to obtain in order to effectively become a successful entrepreneur? There is no one characteristic that encompasses a successful entrepreneur but indeed a number of essential characteristics that leads an entrepreneur up a path of success. The world of entrepreneurship is definitely a tough one. Filled with financial risks, and it takes a special type of person. A person with knowledge in different entrepreneurial attributes to maintain, withstand and maneuver through the competitive and unforgiving, entrepreneurial world.

Some people are born with these natural existing qualities that have exuded through them since childhood. While with others the characteristics are learnt and developed with time. I will like to take this moment to enlighten those future, budding entrepreneurs. On a list of necessary characteristics needed to properly mold yourself into a successful entrepreneur.

Passion (a very powerful feeling)


You have to have a deep love for what you are doing. Passion is essential to any entrepreneur or any working professional’s success. Love what you do and be very dedicated to it. It is reason why you are doing what you do. It is the reason why you created your business.

Motivation (the need or reason for doing something)

Every entrepreneur who is passionate about their business will have the motivation to work. Their motivation, drives them to succeed. It is the want to succeed. It sparks entrepreneurial ideas. Motivation is also very contagious. It helps create that same aura in the people around you.

Optimism (the quality of being full of hope and emphasizing the good parts of a situation, or a belief that something good will happen)

Every entrepreneur needs to be able to foresee things in a positive way. An entrepreneur should always look at the positive in any situation and not allow bad situations to hinder your progress to continue. The assertiveness of an individual depends on their knowledge of how to handle a difficult situation. Always look at the negative as a learning experience.

Creativity (the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas)

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to always be thinking of new ideas and better ways of doing things. Always stay on your toes in terms of new ideas. Learn to think outside the box and look for opportunities to come up with new solutions. Be innovative

Adventurous (willing to try new or difficult things)


Adventurous is another way of saying you’re a risk-taker. An entrepreneur must not be afraid to take calculated risks.  An entrepreneur is someone beginning their own dream. One must be stern and have what we call the “belly” or the guts to take the big leap of plunging into their own doom or success. Do not be afraid to take a chance at the right time.

Persuasiveness (the quality of being able to make you want to do or believe a particular thing)

You have to be able to get people to listen to you. Get people to believe in what you are giving to them. The art of persuasion can greatly assist you in drawing people in. Persuasiveness can also make you a great negotiator. Some people can be quite skeptical in the business environment and just need some persuasion to be convinced.

Charismatic (person who has charisma)

You must be not just talk to employers or employees but speak to them in a way that’s is enchanting and convincible. In order to draw their attention and making it irresistible to stay in your presence.

Stability (firmness in position)

Whether physical, mental, social or emotional, a leader must possess a stable life. Which means he could handle tough situations during tough times. Showing “thick skin”.

Vision (an idea or mental image of something)

You must always stay focused on moving your business forward. Always stay goal oriented. Entrepreneurs set their goals and everything they do is aimed at achieving those goals. Having a strong vision helps propel you toward accomplishments.

Energetic (having or involving a lot of energy)

Have energy and have enthusiasm when it comes to your business. An entrepreneur’s drive must be at the highest level. Willing to do whatever it takes to reach to the finish line. Being an entrepreneur means that you will have to work overtime and have the energy to push on.

Versatility (able to change easily or to be used for different purposes)

Be able to tackle jobs outside of your work description. Being an entrepreneur, sometimes you will have to multitask. You may be working on your own or with a small group, and will need to be flexible and adapt to unfamiliar situations. Always approach things with an open mind and be willing to change course if needed to. It’s also important to be an early adopter of new technology. Keep your skills current.

Time bound (keep up with the times)

Just like a written report in a newspaper, an entrepreneur must be on the top of every new innovation. By looking at your past, you could predict your future and mold your skills and business accordingly.

Decisive (able to make decisions quickly and confidently)

No procrastinations and be confident when making decisions. You need to know what is to be done and not hesitate. Hesitation will allow opportunities to pass and as an entrepreneur, you do not let opportunities pass by. You have to seize it and get the job done.

Resourceful (skilled at solving problems and making decisions on your own)


Do not shy away from challenges and conflicts because entrepreneurs tackle them head on. Problems do happen when you are an entrepreneur. You have to be able to effectively create solutions when a problems arises. Be dependable.

With these characteristics you will be a force to be reckoned with. With constant practice and application of these listed effective qualities. Your future as an entrepreneur will be very fruitful and your mentality will change for the better. Because the greatest failure is sticking with the mentality of being conventional. This would be one of an entrepreneur’s greatest downfalls. Think big. Act and make your business dreams come true.

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Characteristics of an Effective Entrepreneur

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