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To Define an Entrepreneur

To Define an Entrepreneur

What exactly is the definition of an entrepreneur? What exactly does the word entrepreneur even mean? Where does the word derive from? Whenever you come into contact, with a word that intrigues you. Your initial thought is, or should be. What does this word mean? Then taking whatever measures there are and finding out the meaning of said word.

Therefore if you are a person who is embarking on business undertakings, then maybe it’s you who wants to define entrepreneur. The question is however. Are you, an entrepreneur?


The word “entrepreneur” originates from a thirteenth-century French verb, ‘entreprendre’, meaning “to do something” or “to undertake.” It was then somewhere in the 16th century, where the noun form of the word ‘entrepreneur’ came into existence and was being used by 16th century economist Richard Cantillon. He identified, that the willingness to bear personal financial risk of a business venture, as a defining characteristic of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur was further popularized by 19th century economists Jean-Baptiste Say and John Stuart Mill.

Dictionary Definition

So this is what you will see in your standard dictionary. Describing an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur– a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and financial risk.

So is it that when a person creates or organizes an enterprise, especially a business, means that they are worthy of the title, entrepreneur. I mean, a business person can invest in a certain business venture but said person can delegate and have someone else handle all their business activities.

So again! Is merely organizing and managing an enterprise, earn you the title of entrepreneur? No. Providing capital alone is not enough to be called an entrepreneur. How is that? Allow me to elaborate.

My Definition

Any person who takes the initiative of financing and running a business venture can be called an entrepreneur. Some economists say, an entrepreneur is someone who develops a fresh and new product. A new way of producing something, or an innovative market. Small business are usually, what entrepreneurs start with and if it proves to be successful, the business will gradually expand.

Now not every entrepreneur is able to put forth an extensive amount of money towards their business venture. Hence the reason why entrepreneurs start small. Hence, small business. Small businesses require smaller amount of capital. While larger ones obviously demand larger capital. Entrepreneurs nowadays mostly are not willing to take the risk of putting up big businesses without proper research and studies.

Are You an Entrepreneur?

Among some the saying is that being an entrepreneur begins at child birth. The characteristics are already in the child’s possession. The individual is already a thinker and schemer of things. These individuals will want to reach the impossible. So if you are a born entrepreneur, developing your skills and qualities is key. So that you will be ready and equipped. Because is needed in the near future for your success.

The organization of a new enterprise may seem like a tedious task. But for the entrepreneur, the impossible, is possible to achieve. You just have to reach for it. Some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur. The, innovativeness, creativeness, leadership skills, adventurousness, and having the right inner drive and passion. Are just pieces to the puzzle of being a successful entrepreneur. If you possess these characteristics, nothing can stop you from being one of the biggest names in the marketplace.

There are countless opportunities that you can find, from emerging communications, culture, science and technology. All is needed to do is that you identify these numerous business opportunities. Channel them into a real business enterprise.  Also carefully choose good business opportunities. Entrepreneurship requires careful study and market research. Don’t go in blindly. Even if entrepreneurs are known to be risk-takers, they still have to make sure that they are entering a good business. Make calculated decisions. Entrepreneurs are calculated risk-takers.


Now if you are interested in knowing more about the definition of an entrepreneur. Then do as an entrepreneur, who is a go-getter would do. Do your research. You can easily search for the meaning of the word in popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. The internet is at the fingertips of the masses right now. Knowledge is literally fingertips away. By using the power of the internet, you can find many definitions for you to understand and comprehend the word better. There are many resources to find online; all it takes is diligent and smart research.


The life of an entrepreneur is both exhilarating and a challenging task. If you have the ‘belly’. The capital, the right inner passion, appropriate characteristics, and skills. Then don’t hesitate to introduce something new to the market.

Innovation will always have a major impact on entrepreneurship. So why the hesitation? Research the market and deduce if you can enter it and become the definition of an entrepreneur you are in so, dire search for.

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