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If you are the owner of a startup coffee shop and you’re looking to grow your business, then you already know what you’re going to need. That’s right, an espresso machine! But the truth is, hat there are many, many brands, models and makes of espresso machine that you might have a difficult time choosing which one to get. Well, it’s a good thing that I’m here for you. As a coffee connoisseur, I can guide you in the ways of the bean, in order to choose the best espresso machine for your business and your customers.

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life black volumetric espresso machine

Questions to consider before buying an Espresso Machine

Now, before you go buying, or even looking there are some questions you’re going to want to ask yourself and get answers to.

  • What is your overall budget for a machine and grinder?
  • What kinds of drinks do you prefer? (Or rather, what drinks do your customers prefer?) Small cappuccinos? Big Lattes? Straight espressos or americanos?
  • How many back to back drinks do you make at one time?
  • What are the dimensions of the space in which you will install your machines? Do you plan to plumb this machine directly into a water source now or in the future?
  • What is the grind type/size?


Having the answers to these questions can definitely aid you in making the best choice. Putting aside your budget for the moment, let’s look at some of the other factors.


By paying attention to what your customers usually orders, then you’re going to know what type of machine to get. Or maybe you might just be planning on expanding your product line. Either way, you have to know what you want to make before you dish out the cash for a machine. Not all espresso machines are made to do the same thing.


Astra GSP023 Gourmet semi-automatic pourover espresso machine

Semi or Full-Automatic

What about the average amount of customers you serve. Are you a busy shop? Do you always have people coming in and out of your doors every day, or just a select few? According to amount, you are going to want to get a semi-automatic espresso machine or a fully automatic. This will determine the speed at which you’re able to turn around orders, but it will also affect the quality of your product as well. Some customers might not mind a couple minutes wait if it means that they’re getting one of the best cups of coffee ever. An automatic machine may do the job quickly with the push of a button, but it also leaves you with little to no control over the brewing process. If the reason you have a loyal crowd is because of your unique specialty coffees, then an automatic isn’t for you. Best go with a semi, which will give you the option to adjust the brew your customers taste.


The size of the space you have available is also important. You don’t want to make a purchase which will only have making adjustments to your entire layout and organization. Some machines require a direct water line in order to operate autonomously, filling up on their own. Others might require manual filling and cleaning, in which case, they might not need to be connected to a water source. This will have to be something that you might want to consider before you open your doors for the first time, as it can mean a change in how you operate.


One of the most important things to consider is choosing the right grinder. Those who drink coffee know that the manner in which coffee is ground can affect the overall flavor of the drink. Some espresso machine come with a specific burr type or size (conical or flat). Knowing what you like and hat your customers like can help you greatly in choosing correctly.

Pro or No

Who is going to be using the machine? Some espresso machine, like the fully automatic ones, require little knowledge, skill and training to use. If you, or the person working the shop isn’t an expert on how to operate all the functions of an espresso machine, then going for an automatic might be best for you. Don’t get me wrong. All machines are going to require some knowledge and training to operate properly, but some are more complex than others.


Coming back to your budget. How much you have available to spend will affect what you get. You might think “bigger is better” in terms or a machine, but that isn’t always the case. Your goal is to purchase a machine that can give you a great quality of drink and also fit into your business’s operation. You might not need to break the bank on getting a machine that can do that. In either case, you don’t want to underspend and end up getting a product that doesn’t deliver to your expectation, and you don’t want to overspend on a machine with a whole lot of bells and whistles and only end up using one or two of the features. Consider all of the above factors first. Don’t be afraid to ask experienced baristas or other coffee shops on what machines they use. Whatever the case, always focus on your technique and you’ll always have a good cup o’ joe.

Your Equipment Suppliers offers a wide range of espresso machines available to you upon request. These high quality machines can a great asset for your business venture.


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