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Commercial Ice Machine 5 Cool Tips

Ice machine

Does your business need a commercial ice machine?

Whether you are a restaurant owner, bar owner, or even a seafood vendor, ice is an essential part of your business for serving cold drinks and keeping seafood fresh. Maybe you have a shop with heavy foot traffic of patrons heading to the warm beaches and massive events which requires their coolers filled with ice. The question is, why are you buying ice every day? Why are you wasting money? Why have you not invested in a commercial ice machine? Based on your capacity, you are throwing away hundreds of dollars daily.

A commercial ice maker can save you in the long run or help you generate income, but before investing in an ice machine, here are five things you should know.


Ice Cube

1. Find an ice machine that can produce enough ice for your business.


Understanding your business and the daily amount of ice used daily is the first step towards a successful ice maker investment. Buying a commercial ice machine that is too big can add to your water and electric charges. Purchasing an ice maker that cannot produce the volume of ice you need is equally bad because it defeats the purpose of investing if you have to return to buying ice.

Commercial Ice Machine

2. Select the appropriate type of ice machine for your business.


There are three main types of commercial ice makers; Modular Ice Machines, Under-counter Ice Machines, Counter-top Ice Machines & Combination Machines.


Modular Ice Machine

Modular ice machines produce large amounts of ice and typically sit on top of an ice machine bin, an ice dispenser, or a soda dispenser. The machine usually has an output from 250 lbs to over 1000 lbs. per day. These are ideal for large foodservice establishments or for businesses that are packaged ice in bags that sell retail.


Under-Counter Ice Machines

Under-counter commercial ice machines are small ice makers that combine the ice machine with a storage bin and fit under most 40″ high counters. An under-counter ice machine generally meets the needs of small bars, cafes, and restaurants. Ice outputs generally top out at about 400 lb. per day.


Countertop Ice Machine

These compact units usually dispense small ice, which is easier to chew. Countertop ice makers have a small ice storage bin but can still produce up to 400 lb. of ice per day and dispense it from the same machine.

3. Do you have a sufficient water supply?

Ice machines require a constant water supply, and choosing a unit that aligns with your business’s existing plumbing is crucial. You also need to place your ice maker where easy drainage is possible or have drainage lines installed based on the model.


4. Does your ice machine supplier provide technical assistance after purchasing?

Service and repairs are concerns when investing in a commercial ice machine. While most machines have warranties, ensure you are aware of the specifics. Find out how accessible parts are, should you need to carry out repairs after the warranty period.


5. Service your commercial ice maker.

Water filters or descaling agent for your commercial ice maker machine are imperative. Spend money upfront on relatively inexpensive maintenance products will save you hundreds of dollars in the future. Your ice will taste much better when made from clean, filtered water. Routine cleaning prevents limescale buildup and mold.


Selecting the perfect ice machine is an investment; it adds value to any business with a high demand for ice. There is a range of styles and configurations on the market suitable for many different organizations. Your Equipment Supplier offers a wide range of commercial ice makers and finance options. A high-quality piece of equipment will serve your business well for years to come.



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