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Is Education needed to be an Entrepreneur?

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Okay, some people go to college some people don’t. Some people need a college education to take them to their desired destination of success. But is it the same for entrepreneurs? Is there really an education needed to be an entrepreneur? Some entrepreneurs do ponder this question.

In my assessment, I would consider that it varies, from individual to individual. In the world of business you will find a mixed bag of individuals. A mixed bags of those who have found success, with an educational business background. And those who have found the same without. There are differing views on this topic. A group of entrepreneurs would say, that it was patience, hard work and dedication that brought their success. While another would claim that it was their education that made them the successful entrepreneur that they are today.

Going to College?

Now educating yourself at a college or university. For the most part isn’t free. If you can afford a business degree. Then, by all means, take that opportunity. Whether a local college or university. Maybe even study abroad if it’s possible. Cherish it, because not many can. Just take your studying seriously. Absorb all the information you can. When appropriate use what you’ve learnt in the classroom to an advantage in real-time business deals. Obviously, it’s what you decided to go to school for in the first place. And while you’re studying, you have to develop all the needed skills and characteristics of being an entrepreneur.

You also have to participate actively in all school activities. Especially those that require you to exercise your skills in business planning, controlling, directing, etc.

There are a bit of college/university business degrees that you can ponder about and choose. Degrees such as commerce, business administration, economics, finance and many others. Make a choice with a degree that resonates with you. Hopefully affordable. Remember, passing alone is not important. You have to learn every step of the way and don’t forget the things that you’ve learned.

Not going to college?

Okay, so some entrepreneurs did not have the luxury of attending a college/university. For what ever reason. No problem. Quite a lot of them have still found success as entrepreneurs in the world of business. I know many of you can attest to stories of entrepreneurs starting a company from scratch. Then ending up having a great, high-profit earning business. So what does that tell you? Maybe there is more to it than just education.

So, besides the education. You must have in your possession, the right qualities, and characteristics. Not just for being an entrepreneur, but an effective entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs must be leaders, innovative, creative, driven, visionaries, risk-takers, just to name a few. Most of these qualities aren’t learnt in a classroom. I mean you can’t teach creativity or risk taking. You can’t be a successful entrepreneur without these qualities.

A Mixture?

So I guess, it’s safe to say that it can be deduced as an accumulation of both. A mixture of the right education as well as the listed characteristics. In order be an effective and successful entrepreneur. If there is a possibility of you being able to receive an education and develop your entrepreneurial skills. Take that advantage right away. Education is something that money can’t buy in an instant and besides, you can use your knowledge for the best interests of your business.

Now, this is not a discouragement to those that are unable to afford any business degree in college. If you are truly an aspiring entrepreneur. Then you would have already been using a quality that any entrepreneur uses in a time of need. Such quality, is resourcefulness. Be resourceful. Use the internet and learn everything more you can about being an entrepreneur. You must take the time to develop the right attitude and characteristics as early as possible. If you can pull it off, then no one can stop you from entering and conquering business world.


So it is definitely up to the individual. Whether you pursue an education or develop your entrepreneurial skills without it. It is all in your hands. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, try to assess your qualities, skills, and educational background. After that, you can assess and determine if you’re fit and ready to become an entrepreneur.

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